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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Google Wave falls short for Surfing

Google has always been good to me, anytime I ask to join something I am allowed to it without problems when many friends cannot. Usually everything I join with Google is relatively good and easy to use. Wave is not one of them. I joined thinking it would be amazing but it is not easy to use and I just did not find it valuable due to is massive limitations. Buzz is just slightly better but its online applications are not that hot and since I travel and do not always have a cell phone available it is not much use to me.

I really think they jumped the gun too soon on these two things. Wave more than Buzz since Buzz I suspect is easy to use if they ever build an App for Windows Mobile! I love the idea of both but Wave just falls short for me in many level as it is not dumb-proof enough for me since I do not know how to use it easy (though I have not put much effort into it) and I do not see much value at this time. I do not even remember how to get back into it now so I have not revisited it.

I look forward to its great and innovative potential as I hate Facebook and I think Google's Decentralized approach to social network is far superior. If they can get ther gears together, Facebook will shake!

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