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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Courage can exist without Action!

Similar to beauty courage (and confidence) are in the heart of the beholder,
A man such as Gandhi that never raised his hand at his oppressors certainly looked cowardly,
A man like Dr. Martin Luther King always turned the other cheek and definitely did not display courage,
A man like Hitler that overpowered the world showed great force but certainly did not display personal courage...
While for many, these examples definitely signify courage, for many they do not;
It is only in their hearts that they gauge the courage of others as the God in Ancient Egypt judged the heart.

Inaction is not lack of courage,
Passivity is not a lack of courage,
Facing one's demons is certainly not lack of courage,
In life Gandhi was courageous through inactivity,
In life Dr. Martin Luther King was courageous through passivity,
In life Hitler was not courageous because he ran from his demons and in the end chose death rather than face them.

In life action and inaction can both be courageous,
In life self-assessment even if it reveals weakness is courageous when facing oneself,
In life waiting for the growth of another rather than forcing the growth is courageous as the growth may never come,
In life the only measure of courage is in the heart of the courageous and the only proof of the courage is in the heart of the beholder.

Like Ghengis Khan you can run away and be courageous by living to fight another day,
Like Judas in the Gospel of Judas, apparent betrayal can be courageous when it leads to the world's eternal salvation,
Like Jesus Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane you can question your destiny,
And still show the greatest courage of all—being weak and showing doubt and even fear does not take away from the overall courage of the heart and in fact showing it to the world is quite courageous!

In life there are many examples of courageous heroes,
But in life, the greatest hero of all is you,
And the greatest courage is choosing to not just live but thrive and adore life no matter what it brings!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Google Wave falls short for Surfing

Google has always been good to me, anytime I ask to join something I am allowed to it without problems when many friends cannot. Usually everything I join with Google is relatively good and easy to use. Wave is not one of them. I joined thinking it would be amazing but it is not easy to use and I just did not find it valuable due to is massive limitations. Buzz is just slightly better but its online applications are not that hot and since I travel and do not always have a cell phone available it is not much use to me.

I really think they jumped the gun too soon on these two things. Wave more than Buzz since Buzz I suspect is easy to use if they ever build an App for Windows Mobile! I love the idea of both but Wave just falls short for me in many level as it is not dumb-proof enough for me since I do not know how to use it easy (though I have not put much effort into it) and I do not see much value at this time. I do not even remember how to get back into it now so I have not revisited it.

I look forward to its great and innovative potential as I hate Facebook and I think Google's Decentralized approach to social network is far superior. If they can get ther gears together, Facebook will shake!

Finding Love in Live's Travels

Author's Note: I have travelled far to find love and love has found me several times and it always comes from a different is funny how far I travel for Love and where Love finds me Always. I am looking forward to a lasting Love and to the day when my travels end!

You travelled far to come into my life,

I will travel far to enter yours,

Two visitors in a country that is not ours,

Crossing paths, finding happiness, fulfilling hearts…

A road very far travelled for two hearts to join as one,

A joining made more special by the distance and the travel…

As our hearts wait at the end of that long road to become one…

One body,

One mind,

One soul…

The moment they meet and touch for the very first time!

Wakin Dream

When I travel and we are apart,

As I awake,

My dreamy state continues because I wake up thinking of you,

Seeing you in my mind with your kind and giving spirit,

Smiling at your sweet and loving disposition,

And looking forward to the day, now one day closer,

When I can touch, kiss, and hold the woman who keeps me in a dream state of happiness!

Life Song

Life is sometimes and ugly song,

Life is sometimes a song that repeats over and over again with no meaning,

Life is sometimes a song so beautiful that never want it to stop repeating…

With you life is a beautiful song that brings joy to my life beyond that which words can express—

A song that I will never get tired of hearing, and never want it to stop repeating!

Lifetime of Pleasure

A moment of pleasure will last a lifetime,

A minute with you will feel like a decade because of my feelings for you,

A few words of love from you will feel like a book,

I am in awe of how wonderful you are and that will make you…

Forever a lifetime of pleasure!


When you are jealous you show you care,

When I see another woman,

I think to myself, I am lucky to have this one,

Because her beautiful heart says how much she cares by feeling jealousy,

And through the jealousy she makes me feel loved,

And through her affectionate ways she makes me know loving care!

While Jealousy is not something good or something I want,

And while it is negative in many ways and should not exist,

Jealousy is a statement of Love, even if it is misguided…

I do not embrace it because it is bad, I recognize it as it speaks to me and I run to it to stump it out—

For in showing its ugly head it is also showing the beauty of Love behind it and I do want and cherish the Love and when it is stumped out only the beauty of true Love remains!