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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shanghai World Expo 2010 covered by

The Shanghai World Expo 2010 is a once in a lifetime trip to almost all countries in the world from the tiny Caribbean islands to the huge countries such as China, Russia, Germany, and the United States. Arriving in Shanghai its like arriving in a country since it is so huge and inside it sits the world exposition of countries from all over the globe. When you arrive at the 2010 world expo it seems quite tame like arriving a Disney Park, in fact it is reminiscent of Epcot Center because there are is much to see and no two countries are alike. But unlike Disney’s Epcot Center it is huge and cover not only a huge plot of land but two huge plots of land on either side of the river! One of the most exciting things to do is to take the Expo ferry across the river specially at night like we did and enjoy the spectacle of the many countries that can be seen on the riverfront on each side of the river! But it is not only the beautiful and incredibly artistic country pavilions, it is the huge and beautiful Shanghai skyline that also ads to the beauty and the experience, it is like being in a world of your own that resides inside another large world!
 The world expo in Shanghai has sculptures and architecture in the world expo park itself that are beautiful and each country pavilion showing its own world flavour and beauty.  The creativity on each country pavilion is marvelous and when you think you have seen the most creative and most beautiful you turn the corner and there is another even more impressive!  The country buildings and the permanent expo buildings never cease to amaze!  While we were destroyed walking and only saw about ¼ of the expo in about 10 hours inside the expo park, we thoroughly enjoyed the adventure of moving from country to country and seeing all they had to offer without even leaving the Shanghai behind!  Please visit my profile on and you will see also my perspective on Chinese life and the beauty of Shanghai, China!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Only One Love is Stronger Than My Love for You—Only One

Author's Note:  This article has been reprinted in several newspapers and has been reposted numerous time on the net since it was released in 2002 by a supporter of mine who know about the press.  You can see the original press release at: 

I love you but I love my addition more,
I love you but I poison your lungs when I smoke next to you,
I love you but I contributed to your asthma, ear infections, and almost killed you with your SIDS,
I love you but when you can’t breathe because of your asthma all I can do is smoke away from you,
I love you but when you get more colds than most, when your lung functions are lower, when you look at me with your feverish eyes, I just need to smoke more to calm my nerves as I worry about you—because I love,
I love you but not enough to care about your health,
I love you enough heroically die for you but not to stop killing myself and you with my smoking,
I love you but you cannot beg me enough to consider my health and save myself for you and save you from the pain I cause you,
I love you but each and every day, 3 times an hour I assault your body with something I know hurts you,
I love you enough but nothing can make me see that I hurt you every day, every waking hour we are together....and at night as you struggle to breathe I sleep calmly and wake first thinking of my nicotine fix even before I check on you I light up,
I am a good mom and I adore you but no matter how much conscious suffering I cause you; my selfish need is more powerful than my love for you!

I Love You But I Knowingly Poison You

Author's Note:  This article has been reprinted in several newspapers and has been reposted numerous time on the net since it was released in 2002 by a supporter of mine who know about the press.  You can see the original press release at: 

When I wanted you I had to work extra hard to overcome the effects of the poison on my body because they tried to stop me from getting pregnant,
When I knew you started growing in me, I thought about it, but selfishly loved the poison too much to stop,
When I felt you kicking as my blood poisoned you, I ignored the signs that I was taking your oxygen away and replacing it with many poisons,
When you were borne underweight and needed to stay in the hospital, I left you alone many times an hour to let my sweet poison calmed my nerves as I worried for you,
I was “ a responsible mom” and fed my addition only when away from you, but because I had to leave you in your crib alone to feed my poison you almost died from SIDS many time, even more than the times I discovered you,
When the asthma left you breathless and your allergies kept you in bed, I held you and told you how much I loved you but was too selfish to quit for your love and your health,
When my doctor warned me I needed to quit to improve my health, I thought only of my fix and not of what I would do to you,
When the last site I saw was your crying eyes next to me as I left this world, I wanted to take it all back but I was leaving my five year old love because I did not love him enough to quit!
If you love your child quit smoking or using tobacco products before you harm them or leave them with the scar of losing a parent. If you do not quit for yourself quit for your child, they deserve their health and yours and they deserve growing to adulthood with their mom by their side!

I Love Nicotine More Than I Love You

Author's Note:  This article has been reprinted in several newspapers and has been reposted numerous time on the net since it was released in 2002 by a supporter of mine who know about the press.  You can see the original press release at: 

I love you,
I love you more than life,
I would give my life for you my daughter.....
But I am too selfish to quit,
I know it hurts you physically and emotionally but I am too addicted to even consider quitting,
My daughter believe me I love you even when I smoke in the car next to you and later hand you your asthma puffer,
My daughter believe me that I love you even if my selfish addition causes me to leave your hospital bedside when you have a respiratory infection I contributed to...just to love my addiction more than you,
My daughter I love you but I cannot consider leaving my addiction even when you beg me to stop because it irritates your eyes and causes you ear infections...I can only think of me at those times,
My daughter I love you and I am so sorry I let you die alone calling for me, when I was adoring the poison that killed you, it was just 5 minutes away from you surely you understand; it called me more than your need for me, but I let you die alone after I took your life away with my poison, my poison let you die alone…and as I used it to calm my nerves as I watched you far from you through the open door of the mortuary because I need it more than I need to feel close to you before they buried you…
My husband I love you but I cannot put your wishes and needs before my addiction, I cannot listen when you beg me to stop for our daughter and for me and you,
My husband I love you and want to be there for you and our daughter but you know I need to smoke to keep my weight down-its a great excuse,
My husband I love you, but all of my friends smoke and I need to fit in, can’t you think of my needs for once when you ask me to quit after our daughters gets her bad asthmas attacks?
My husband I love you but you know I cannot stop because I need my addiction to make my life complete,
I know you love me but stop being selfish and think of me, I need to have a little pleasure in life, I don’t complain when you snore all night long, please do not give me guilt trips when you and our daughters get a cold more often than others,
My husband I would give my life for you so please do not tell me that my skin is aging fast, my voice is like that of an old lady, and my breathe smells like an ashtray, I love you but not even my love is stronger than my need for my fix.....
My daughter I love you and wanted you to live a long healthy life, but even when faced with your cancer, and knowing I contributed to it, I still leave your bedside to go to my addiction for comfort....

My husband, my sickly daughter, I love you both more than life itself, even when I literarily help take the life out of you and me!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Courage can exist without Action!

Similar to beauty courage (and confidence) are in the heart of the beholder,
A man such as Gandhi that never raised his hand at his oppressors certainly looked cowardly,
A man like Dr. Martin Luther King always turned the other cheek and definitely did not display courage,
A man like Hitler that overpowered the world showed great force but certainly did not display personal courage...
While for many, these examples definitely signify courage, for many they do not;
It is only in their hearts that they gauge the courage of others as the God in Ancient Egypt judged the heart.

Inaction is not lack of courage,
Passivity is not a lack of courage,
Facing one's demons is certainly not lack of courage,
In life Gandhi was courageous through inactivity,
In life Dr. Martin Luther King was courageous through passivity,
In life Hitler was not courageous because he ran from his demons and in the end chose death rather than face them.

In life action and inaction can both be courageous,
In life self-assessment even if it reveals weakness is courageous when facing oneself,
In life waiting for the growth of another rather than forcing the growth is courageous as the growth may never come,
In life the only measure of courage is in the heart of the courageous and the only proof of the courage is in the heart of the beholder.

Like Ghengis Khan you can run away and be courageous by living to fight another day,
Like Judas in the Gospel of Judas, apparent betrayal can be courageous when it leads to the world's eternal salvation,
Like Jesus Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane you can question your destiny,
And still show the greatest courage of all—being weak and showing doubt and even fear does not take away from the overall courage of the heart and in fact showing it to the world is quite courageous!

In life there are many examples of courageous heroes,
But in life, the greatest hero of all is you,
And the greatest courage is choosing to not just live but thrive and adore life no matter what it brings!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Google Wave falls short for Surfing

Google has always been good to me, anytime I ask to join something I am allowed to it without problems when many friends cannot. Usually everything I join with Google is relatively good and easy to use. Wave is not one of them. I joined thinking it would be amazing but it is not easy to use and I just did not find it valuable due to is massive limitations. Buzz is just slightly better but its online applications are not that hot and since I travel and do not always have a cell phone available it is not much use to me.

I really think they jumped the gun too soon on these two things. Wave more than Buzz since Buzz I suspect is easy to use if they ever build an App for Windows Mobile! I love the idea of both but Wave just falls short for me in many level as it is not dumb-proof enough for me since I do not know how to use it easy (though I have not put much effort into it) and I do not see much value at this time. I do not even remember how to get back into it now so I have not revisited it.

I look forward to its great and innovative potential as I hate Facebook and I think Google's Decentralized approach to social network is far superior. If they can get ther gears together, Facebook will shake!

Finding Love in Live's Travels

Author's Note: I have travelled far to find love and love has found me several times and it always comes from a different is funny how far I travel for Love and where Love finds me Always. I am looking forward to a lasting Love and to the day when my travels end!

You travelled far to come into my life,

I will travel far to enter yours,

Two visitors in a country that is not ours,

Crossing paths, finding happiness, fulfilling hearts…

A road very far travelled for two hearts to join as one,

A joining made more special by the distance and the travel…

As our hearts wait at the end of that long road to become one…

One body,

One mind,

One soul…

The moment they meet and touch for the very first time!