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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Should Social Media Be Held Accountable for User Actions?

Should Social Media Be Held Accountable for User Actions?
Google Case in Italy Has Serious Implications for the Web

By Rey
Absolutely not
Governments must stop treating us as if we were children and must also see the good that negative materials can do. For example that video once it was learned about probably generated alot of interest in auticism and I get that donations for autistic causes went up shortly after. In any case just as it is impossible for the library of congress to screen every document going into it and I bet a similar issue exists in Italy and EU, website owners and operators cannot screen everything. Besides I bet the server those things were in were not even in their country so they are doing a far fetch reach to start with.
With almost every large website embracing social network principles and having a lot of user generated content, even government sites themselves, there is no way to stop the movement and no way to keep check on it, so execs specially high ranking execs cannot be held responsible for it. I mean thereare many government sites with user generated content, can the government hold itself responsible if there is bad material there? If the servers are in th US and the company is large and does not have a branch in the EU or that country yet the users from that country still see it, are they going to try the execs in aucencia?

If they do this, they will have a hell of a time with anarchists doing things in secret. Also imagine if I wanted to hurt Google, all I needed to do is upload a video that migh pass mustard but have a hidden few frames that break the law and they put it up and its jail time for them, how can anyone be thorough enough with filters, even if it was possible? It would be great to have these laws because if you do not like someone get them to accept bad material and put them in jail!!!!!!!

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